The Universe Did Conspire

Posted by lei on February 25, 2014. Filed under:

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Well, I am not sure if it is because I really wanted this to happen SO much that the universe ended up giving in into my whining, but whatever it is, I am just really glad and thankful for everything right now. All of my tears, wishes, and prayers have been answered. Even though it took me so long to be in this position right now, I honestly do not mind because the most important thing is that I still got the chance to be here. Here, right at this very place. I could not thank God any less, and all I am feeling right now is gratefulness. If I only had the money, I would have treated each and everyone I know with a box of pizza.

Now that it is finally happening, I suddenly forgot how long I have waited for this day to come. Suddenly, I forgot all those confusion and self-doubt moments that I have gone through. I am so happy and excited that I have finally found an answer to my question. I am glad that I finally have a goal to pursue. But of course, I am thankful to myself because she did not give up -she never did. She kept pushing through and tried her best until the very end. Thank you.

Most importantly, thank you to God for this wonderful blessing that I have received this year. I know He has a lot of wonderful plans for me, and I cannot wait for everything to happen. Whenever I look back to all things that happened for the past years, I realized that everything happened at his own will and timing. Everything just perfectly fit one another. And if one day, what you want to happen failed to happen, just ask harder. Sometimes all it takes is sincerity.

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