Within a Month

Posted by lei on April 5, 2013. Filed under: ,

I already miss my friends. Every single freaking day. The fact that there's a 50% chance that I'm leaving them next semester makes me sad. Sad? Is that even the right word? No, it's beyond sadness, as well as disappointment. Whenever the thought of leaving this school comes into my mind, I find myself breathing deeply and sighing heavily. Why my time is up already? I barely started. 

I hate goodbyes more than anything. I hate parting away with people. I hate having to make a tight goodbye hugs, almost never wanting to let anyone go. And lastly, I hate getting those nasty swollen red eyes.

But good byes are inevitable, and parting away is often necessary to give room for growth.
To all my friends, from all the memories we created, laughs we bursted, tears we shed, games we played, tutti frutti and chipotle we ate, club activities we participated in, parties we attended, pictures we took, real life dramas we solved, random shits we did no matter how silly or retarded we looked, and the so called "group studies," I miss them all. I miss those long walks we took around campus, those "just because" late night partying, those hanging out and standing by outside whenever it's sunny, those late night "getting to know each other sessions", those late night snacks, or pulling an all nighters, I miss them all. To my roommates: those late night chatting, pranks we pulled, or  weekend cook outs (or should i say cook ins?).. I gonna miss them all. 

Everyone made my stay in SU memorable..and I am so thankful having to experience all that I have had experience during my stay here. I couldn't ask for more. I am glad that I met a lot of awesome and really cool  people this year. I still have a month and all I want is to make the best out of it. The remaining time is short and I don't know if we can do something a lot more (given that finals week is just around the corner), but regardless, let's make every remaining day memorable till our last day here. 

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