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My brother has this super power of knowing whether or not I am watching dramas in my room. It's not like I am living in a camera-filled Big Brother house or something, but he's so damn accurate he never fails to make me shudder all the time. At night, he knocks at my door to remind me stop watching dramas. Gah, that is so sweet; he's exactly being like my annoying alarm clock. I love him.

Yi Kyung
Still, I hate him for always asking me what I get from watching kdramas. I thought it's obvious enough that my love life sucks; it sucks so bad that the only thing that would make me kilig is by taking a pee. Lol joke. I saw a facebook page named "Ang tanging nagpapakilig nalang sa akin ay ang pag-ihi." wtf

My point is, I get this feeling of infatuation pang, or according to PamQ, the "shivery, fuzzy, chilling (positive) feeling that people get when they're inlove." I think guys should fully understand that this is the reason why we prefer watching romantic films over noisy action movies --aside from the fact that we're secretly hoping that the boyfriends would pick up lots of romantic gestures. Ladies, back me up here.

Han Kyul & Eun Chan
Wong-ah & Min-ho
But then again, watching is watching. No matter how good looking the characters, or how kilig the scenes, everything still boils down to the quality of the drama. The line separating art and crap is still there, and I hope we all agree that nobody appreciates a crap despite how colorful it is. I praise well written and excellently executed dramas but leave everything else that doesn't meet my expectations in a limbo or simply straight to the trash can.

Good thing though, there's a lot of good kdramas around. They are often non-conventional, fast-paced, engaging, and short. Each episode plays a big role in gradually unfolding the plot, each scene foreshadows things that are about to happen, and each character maintains their dynamics. I have no idea why teleseryes aren't like this, or why no network seems to bother making one. Or maybe I  rather not compare the two because I know nothing about teleseryes anyway.

Cinematography wise, kdramas are gorgeous. The colors are rich and vivid, and so is the contrast. I know it's all about the quality of the camera which the production is using, but it's evident that the directors and cinematographers know their jobs very well.

It is like watching a good movie, you know. Nice lighting? Check. Good use of multi-camera set up? Check. Fresh story line? Check. Spontaneous scenes? Check. Great soundtrack? Check.  It just all pleasing, even without all those hot actors with chocolate abs. Of course, having eye candies like them never hurts!

But, you know, it is still all about the execution. It makes tragic stories bearable to watch and love stories three fold sweeter, because rather than the technical things, it is the art of story telling that makes kdramas addictive. For that, kuddos to kdrama productions because they're good at it. Like for real.

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