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I've just watched WOTL today about Palakasan (Sports) and boy it's already one of my favorites because: 1.) Lourd hits everything in this episode at bull's eye with a right dose of sarcasm and 2.) We have the same sentiments, especially about Askals.

Looking back from several months ago (when leagues of lunatic Askal fan girls have not yet propagated exponentially), my friends and I were raising our brows at how the media was selling the Team Askals to the public. I dislike how our media only pay attention to hyphenated half-something winning teams, and even more when they value the athletes' faces more than real achievements. But at the end of the day, I realized that the media can only do things at some extent. The reason why I am still raising my brow, even higher now, roots within the team Askals itself, not the media. It amazes how some members of the team seem to lack the ability to distinguish themselves from A-lister celebrities. Yes, Manny Pacquiao can't either, but at least I admire and respect his discipline, focus, and multitasking ability -something these half-halves have yet to prove me.

Frustrating as it may be, Filipinos are left with nothing but teams like them. There's nothing we can do for now but to embrace the reality, since they are the ones who can fund themselves with their own money to represent the country. We're beggars so we can't be choosers. Let's just pray they'd be back on track and learn how to train like mad just like real athletes. If only the Philippines could nurture home grown athletes and support them financially, then how nice would that be? We have a lot of youngsters overflowing with potential. Give round of applause for the snatchers waiting patiently for us from those dark alleys --our future gold medalist runners. Great.

The three musketeers
The problem with our sports, the government treats it like nothing. Sure, fill up the hungry stomachs first, but don't they realize that strengthening sports could actually fill more stomachs in the long run? And not just stomach, we are talking about tourism here. Of course, we can't blame poverty --it exists anywhere even in the first world-- but we can sure despise our corrupt government officials and never elect them again.

Or maybe, we can't do anything about that either because we didn't elect them in the first place. All of them cheated (i mean, campaigned real hard) for their way up, so even though we don't elect them again they will still be staying in those coveted positions and laughing their asses. Let's just continue hating them forever, shall we?

The future of our sports is ridiculously dark and bleak that I don't see our team bagging sacks of golds in Olympics any time soon. Our foundation is weak, and so is the support. Heck, we don't even have a decent national team. I hate how our government only acknowledges our athletes after they have won in several championships. Wtf is that?

Philippine Dragon Boat Team 
It is unfortunate that our athletes need to fund their own training before being supported by the government. Lucky for those who have the money, sorry for those who don't. Since when did sports become all about wealth not talent and strength?

This is a long battle; we have lots to fix first before the government could actually start giving financial support our teams. But money is not the sole problem either; we lack coaches and gyms too. In other countries, athletes start training in their high school years or middle school (even Pacquiao started at an early age too). This means that each school should be well equipped with materials to train those with potentials. This, my friend, is close to impossible. We don't even have enough school to begin with. Gyms my butt! Dream on.

Let's just all ditch our athletes, watch at the sidelines, and allow us be ranked the lowest among Asian countries, if not the world . Pustahan nalang. Go Manchester! Whooooo!

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