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I have finally finished reading the last three of the Potter series which I bought last May. It was sort of a reading marathon that I promised myself to finish before I watch the last Harry Potter movie (to be shown this July), and I am damn glad that I finished it in less than a month. Honestly, it saddens me that this wizarding world that I helplessly tuned in since I was 11 ends this year because it is undeniably already part of my childhood.

Harry Potter (Har-rey Puh-ter) was probably the first British film that I have ever watched. The characters' heavy British accents were definitely pain in the butt, but hey, Harry was cute! and Hogwarts was awesome (and is still awesome). At that time, I secretly wished to see Professor Dumbledore (I thought he owns Enchanted Kingdom) and Hagrid (He is HUGE). Nevertheless, I also wished to receive a letter from Hogwarts like almost everybody in my age group.

I never seriously considered reading the entire series (due to the fact that I already watched the films) until the end of the quarter last year. It was mainly out of boredom, and also probably because I was looking for something to read since I already started my reading marathon right after high school (with Twilight as the first to boot). It was then that I realized that film adaptations rarely come exactly the same as its novel counterparts, so I thought I shouldn't miss those things that were not shown in the movies. It was a right decision and I'm glad I did.

I learned tons of new vocabulary and a couple of British words here and there: Blimey, Wotcher --which I always heard, or should I say read? from Tonks-- parcels (in contrast to package in American English), mate, cheeky, snogging, rubbish, and a lot more!

Speaking of learning, I learned that Professor Snape is an awkwardly romantic guy. I mean, he's the man! Yeah? No? Alright. Still, I absulutely love him in Deathly Hallows. For once, I thought he deserves someone good for him and shouldn't have ended as a bloody dramatic guy with great one sided love under his sleeve. His past experiences justifiy his wrong deeds (or deteurs perhaps) or being an awkward turtle with no social skills. His gestures of tearing off the "Lots of Love, Lily" part from Lily's letter to Sirius (I suppose) and getting her candid picture would really make girls swoon. I mean, that is hurtfully sweet, and reflects his longing of "lots of love" from Lily. I also love when he conjured his Patronus, which is a doe like Lily's, and said to Dumbledore that he has always loved Lily ever since. Awwwww. I think I should write a sepate note about Severus Snape.

Anyway, like I have said, Harry Potter is definitely already a part of me and although sad, I am looking forward to watching the last installment of the film. I hope that they would lighten the backlight a little bit because the film are getting darker and darker and I don't wanna watch it again like I'm looking for a freaking goblin under a dim light each time. Still, I am happy that I am included in the Potter generation and witnessed (or rather read) the unfolding of events of the one of the most well written fiction of all time.Two thumbs up to Rowling. I wish she would write something under the romantic genre because I will surely buy it.

So..Good bye Harry Potter and thanks for changing our perspective that witches and wizards are not butt ugly and scary (with big mole on their long nose with tiny hairs in it).

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